October 3rd

Top 7 Features of a Modern Luxury Home

The top 7 features of a modern luxury home have progressed as technology has evolved. Luxury homes now offer a number of new tech driven amenities. What matters most for consumers today is the lifestyle a home offers. The more amenities that cater to the luxurious lifestyle the more valuable the home becomes.

Here are the top seven features of a modern luxury home that every homebuyer wants. They are elements that can be incorporated into almost any home to make it more luxurious.

1. Smart Home Technology: Control everything from your phone

The feature most in-demand today is smart home technologies that monitor and manage systems inside and outside the house. Whether the task is making sure the doors are locked or controlling the thermostat, appliances, sprinklers, hot tub, music and lights, owners now can get the job done from anywhere in the world using their smart phones. They can also be notified when motion is detected and monitor the security cameras from their phone. The homeowner has complete ease of mind knowing they can monitor their home no matter where they are in the world.
smart home

2. Gourmet Kitchen with Wine Room

The kitchen is the heart of the home and the most important feature to all homebuyers. A luxury kitchen will always have warming drawers, wine fridges, restaurant quality appliances and a walk in pantry. With Scanomat Top Brewer you can make your favorite coffee, latte, or tea with the touch of a button on your iPhone. It is a stainless steel tap designed to fit into any tabletop and it allows you to brew your favorite drink in minutes.  The newer generation also likes to show off their wine collection with a climate controlled wine room. For these collectors the wine cellar needs to be a showpiece with single paned glass, LED lights and clear sleeves that put labels on display.
luxury wine room

3. Indoor/Outdoor living 

Backyards are a luxury when living in a city like San Francisco. Sustainable and low-maintenance designs are the top trends for residential landscape projects, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA).  The indoor/outdoor living starts with floor to ceiling doors that slides seamlessly into the wall and open into the backyard. Modern luxury features include an outdoor kitchen with outdoor seating, a fire pit and water elements such as an infinity pool or koi pond. Sustainable features include permeable paving and drought tolerant plants with water efficient irrigation.
luxury outdoor living

4. Entertainment: Home Theater

Gaming and movie rooms are essential for luxury living. It is a given that a multi million dollar home have a home movie theatre and game room. Wealthy homeowners are taking this trend even further with amenities such as indoor basketball courts, indoor pools, and lavish sports bars. They want to create a space where a homeowner never feels the need to leave the comforts of home.
luxury home theater

5. Home Gym

The wealthy don’t like to sweat it out at the gym in front of everyone. Who can blame them when they can afford their own private fitness facilities in their very own homes? A home gym is fully equipped with built in speakers, a flat screen TV, workout equipment and some even include an indoor lap pool.
indoor workout room

6. Spa Bathrooms

Imagine having a luxurious bathroom just like they have at a world-class spa or resort. Luxury homeowners want to recreate that lifestyle into their everyday lives with a spa like bathroom. They feature walk in showers with seating, a rain shower, steam shower, large soaking tub, radiant heated floors, double vanities, towel warmers, and heated toilet seats. Adding wood elements and natural stones give it a natural and organic appeal. Having a sunken bathtub, skylights and a fireplace give it even more of a spa like ambiance.
luxury spa bathroom

7. Designer Dressing Room

What used to be a closet has now transitioned into a formal dressing room and can be much more important than a kitchen or home theater to some homeowners. According to the Wall Street Journal the latest in high-end dressing rooms go well beyond the typical walk-in and are created to look more like plush lounges or designer stores. Clothing and handbags in glass display cases are lighted like sculptures; custom-designed couches are arranged near Baccarat crystal bars or dedicated breakfast areas.

Designers and architects say for some clients, the cost of the closet can rival or surpass that of the kitchen, topping $100,000 for large, custom-designed walk-ins with luxurious cabinetry, sound systems and office nooks. Increasingly, developers and homebuilders aren’t only installing windows in closets; they are also configuring home layouts to make sure the closets capture some of the best views and natural light. Lighted clothing rods and shoe racks, and automated lights that turn on when cabinet doors open, are popular features. A new feature is a “virtual styling tool” consisting of computer screens and iPads set up in the closet so people can work remotely with a stylist who has a visual inventory of their closes to scroll through.
designer dressing room

Do you have all of these amenities in your home? Are you wondering how to improve your home or are you in the market for a new home? If so then print out this list when you are shopping for your next dream home. If you are looking to remodel I can provide you with the resources to create your own dream home too!

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