September 25th

Green Is the New Black: The Value of Solar

Driving up from the foggy Sausalito waterfront, and through San Rafael, I am reminded of something. Sun. Lots of sun. And that, of course, gets me thinking about solar.

While we now know that cloudy weather has little impact on solar productivity (after all, Germany is the largest producer of solar power in the world), many of us can’t help but think about the value of solar when confronted with big sunny skies. Why not capture that resource?
206 Ridgewood Drive, San Rafael :: Glen Williams - McGuire Real Estate
Solar power is on the real estate radar screen these days. Photovoltaic solar panels can be seen as an enhancement to property value. Why? Solar panels can give a home that extra edge, not just because of the potential to reduce electric bills, but also because of the added benefit of reducing one’s carbon footprint.

Residential solar can be an enticing value proposition. The 25-30 year lifespan of solar panels provides protection against unpredictable energy prices, and allows for a significantly reduced amount of household energy use in the long run.

Then there’s the green value of generating electricity directly from the sun. The typical residential home with solar panels eliminates 3-4 tons of carbon emissions per year. That’s the equivalent of planting 100 trees a year. That’s a lot.
206 Ridgewood Drive, San Rafael :: Glen Williams - McGuire Real Estate
My clients at 206 Ridgewood Drive in San Rafael understand the value of solar. They recently had solar installed through a lease program (at no cost to them) and have a steady energy cost going forward -$120/mo. For them, solar will be part of any home they own down the road.

The property is located on the ridge between Sun Valley and Santa Venetia, with great sun exposure and beautiful views of the Bay. Totally remodeled in 2013, the home has a modern, clean, aesthetic, and is situated on an ample lot enabling room for a pool and wrap around deck above and terraced gardens below. Just minutes from Hwy 101, make for an easy commute location.
206 Ridgewood Drive, San Rafael :: Glen Williams - McGuire Real Estate
For more information or to schedule a showing, contact me directly at 415.465.4423 or Visit for more property details and photos.

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