September 24th

Savills Report » World Residential Markets

McGuire’s International Partner, Savills—a leading global real estate firm—recently released its World Residential Markets Performance and Prospects Report for 2015-2016 which highlights the San Francisco marketplace from its global perspective.

Savills Report » World Residential Markets: Performance and Prospects | 2015-2016The publication looks at a variety of popularly invested residential real estate markets around the world ranging from small ultra-high-end resorts across well-known regions to major world cities. Residential real estate markets, regardless of location, are inherently shaped by local market dynamics, although there are global forces impacting their present and future performance. Success in buying or investing in residential properties abroad hinges on understanding both local and global forces at play.

The Savills World Residential Markets report identifies the basic factors that all markets have in common regardless of location, and delves into how these longer-term market drivers will impact investments.

“Success in residential investments abroad depends on understanding which forces are local and which are more universal,” said Yolande Barnes, World Research Director.

In addition to an in-depth look at the San Francisco Residential Market, the report offers a fascinating look into why housing markets differ across the globe, identifies major trends for international investors, compares what you get for your money in residential across different countries, and forecasts world residential investability rankings for prime-city and second home markets across Europe, North America and the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific.

SAN FRANCISCO » World Residential Markets | 2015-2016 - Savills ReportStrong demand fueled by a buoyant local economy, coupled with this restricted supply has put upward pressure on prices in San Francisco. Prime prices grew by 25.7% in the two years to June 2015, bringing values to 27.9% above 2007 levels, outperforming New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago over the same period.

Savills Research Department believes investors in the world’s residential markets are becoming more adventurous and looking to invest in more peripheral, and potentially higher yielding alternatives especially in Europe and the USA. To learn more, download the complete Savills World Residential Markets Performance and Prospect Report for 2015-2016 here.

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